OOIOO "n i j i m u s i" / 2xLP Crystal clear


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1.虹虫 / Nijimusi
2.滲ム / Nijimu


7.walk for “345” minutes, while saying “Ah Yeah!”
with a “Mountain Book” in one hand, until
a shower of light pours down

8. 翡翠アァ / Kawasemi Ah
9. ulda (zAk mix)

Music by OOIOO
Lyrics by YoshimiO
Translated by Hashim Kotaro Bharoocha
Recorded & Mixed on Dec.2018~ Jun. 2019 at LMD, OSAKA, Japan
Engineed by kabamix
Mastered by Sarah Register, NYC
Design by QOTAROO

・レーベル名:Thrill Jockey
・商品フォーマット:12inch vinyl

OOIOO “ nijimusi “

Sounds created for no reason. Sounds that come and go, and disappear into the air like a scent, as soon as they materialize. Atonal phrases that hold the meaning of words that existed before the advent of language. The wonders of a vortex pulsing with life…
Just as a new discovery is actually just a reaffirmation of what is already known, OOIOO has created a world of sound from the core of their being, that has never been heard before by humans.

After a six year hiatus, OOIOO has created a new album that goes back to the roots of being a four piece band. The music shows the full spectrum of the unique sound they have crafted throughout the years, which can only be described as “OOIOO”.It might come as a surprise that this album was recorded by a conventional band ensemble of two guitars, bass, and drums. They viewed their instruments simply as “objects that make sounds”, and took a primitive and basic approach to creating the music.
The drum tones fluctuate powerfully through the air, while sounding as if they are being observed under a microscope. Bass tones and electronics are so dense that they sound like they’ve been vacuum-sealed. The arrangement of the tones seem to be almost ancient, transcending the notion of a musical ensemble, suggesting the connectivity and oneness that is inherent in all living creatures.

This album can be considered music, but is also a work of art that stimulates the sense of touch and smell, while being atmospheric and ethereal at the same time. If music is an artform based on the sense of hearing and the concept of time, this album may be deviating from the conventional definition of music. The work is a reflection of the sounds resonating from OOIOO while they were being completely present in the moment. The sounds are like the cries emanating from a creature called OOIOO, proof that it is a living, breathing being. Experience the sounds of OOIOO that can only be heard in the here and now.

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